Sega Genesis Final Thoughts + New Additions

So it’s the end of September and that means its time to put my final thoughts together on my highlighted console of the month, the Sega Genesis. I managed to squeeze in enough posts during the calendar month to cover all of my existing Genesis titles and play as much Genesis as I possibly could. I wanted to capture in this moment of time, what my collection of Genesis consoles & games looked like (literally through photos) and give myself a chance to experience this 16 bit gem for an entire 30 days. I came to realize I have a lot of great games for this system already, the Sonic series, Streets of Rage series, Castlevania Bloodlines, Shinobi 3, Splatterhouse 2, Golden Axe, etc. More great games than I could possibly play in a month. I also realized that I have a lot of games on my wish list, 80 titles to be exact, so the potential for my Genesis collection to turn into a massive beast of sleek, black cartridges is definitely there. Some of them are considered collector’s gems (like MUSHA, Crusader of Centy, Contra Hard Corps & Splatterhouse 3 just to name a few) and as a result, go for top dollar. Others are easily collected for little money or effort (like the Shining Force series, rest of the Phantasy Star series, Earthworm Jim, etc). It will be interesting to see how many of these titles I’ve added to my collection the next time I decide to highlight this very memorable console.

I was able to knock a few games off my wish list during the month of September. My new additions to my Genesis collection are as follows:

  • Aladdin – One of the top selling games for the system due to its universal appeal as a game based on a Disney movie, as well as it being a top notch platformer. I spent some time with it shortly after buying a complete copy at a nearby used video game store and this game is quite enjoyable. B+
  • Sonic & Knuckles – I bought a loose copy of this late Genesis and fourth proper Sonic title for the system at the same used video game store as Aladdin. Would have preferred to pick up a complete copy but because it was a late Genesis release, it was sold in a cardboard box, similar to how Nintendo’s games were sold at the time. Cardboard boxes tend not to last like clam shells so finding one complete with a serviceable box and manual is a bit more difficult, making a CIB copy a bit too expensive for my liking . As a game, its a fun addition to the series overall and Knuckles is an enjoyable character to play as considering his strengths vary from Sonic’s. I also enjoyed the ability to slap a Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 cartridge on top of this one to give myself the pleasure of playing those titles as Knuckles instead of Sonic. A very innovative idea from the Sonic team! A-
  • Road Rash 2 – I purchased this game late in the month while on a business trip so I haven’t spent a lot of time with it. The Road Rash series gets a lot of love from gamers and Genesis fans & since I’ve never played one, I thought I’d pick up a loose copy for a reasonable price when I had the chance. The surface concept is simple yet fun, a motorbike racing game with the ability to beat up other racers. Road Rash 2 appears to have a deeper gameplay with the ability to upgrade your bike by earning money through races. I just need to spend more time with it before I can give it a proper grade.

I haven’t yet mentioned my model 2 Genesis up to this point, only the two model 1’s I highlighted in my Genesis launch post earlier in the month (more on that to come). I’ve done this out of respect for it’s privacy during this very difficult time for my poor model 2. While I find the model 2 is a sleeker, more compact and simpler design than the model 1, I honestly like the model 1’s look better. Call me a purist.

My poor model 2 Genesis will be working overtime in October as I highlight the Sega CD and 32X, two add-ons that straddle the line between peripheral and console. Both require a Genesis to work and since I have the model 2 Sega CD, my model 2 Genesis fits best with this version utilizing the expansion port on the side of the console. The 32X works with either model of Genesis equally but since I already have one of the model 2’s slots filled, I might as well jam the 32X down it’s throat in the cartridge slot at the same time. There’s a dirty joke in there but I think at this point, it may be a bit too obvious. I’ll let a picture of my Genesis model 2/Sega CD/32X set up speak for me.

Overall grade for the console: A

My poor, poor Genesis. “Kill me, please!”



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