Top 5 Sega 32X Games (In My Collection)

Does the 32X have 10 games worthy of top 10 status? That is a question many casual gamers and Nintendo Fan Boys might ponder if they saw a blog post titled “Top 10 Sega 32X Games”. The answer is, fuck yes, obviously. There are only 36 32X titles available in North America, so a top 10 list would be almost 25% of the entire system’s library BUT even the 10th best game in a 36 game library is still going to be pretty damn solid.

So what gives with the title of my post then? Well, the caveat I have with all of my top 10 lists is that they must be part of my own personal collection for them to be eligible. Since I only own 13 games for the 32X, a top 10 list would in essence entail my entire collection except for the 3 horse shit games not worthy of talking about. I’m looking at you Corpse Killer, Cosmic Carnage and Motocross Championship.

With that explanation complete, let’s talk about the 32X games in my collection that I consider my favorite.

space-harrier-32x5. Space Harrier – The 32X version of this arcade smash is the best home version that received its first port way back on the Master System. At this point, I believe it’s considered either fact or common knowledge that the best way to play Space Harrier at home is on the 32X. Too bad the game was a bit long in the tooth by the time this game was released.

nba-jam-tournament-edition-32x-034. NBA Jam T.E. – There are a number of excellent home console versions of NBA Jam Tournament Edition available for home consoles, the 32X included. This may be the strongest for the simple fact that it’s a cartridge title (short load times) but features all the bells and whistles of one of the disc versions of this game released. You can’t beat the 32X version of NBA Jam if you’re looking for fast and fun 2 on 2 basketball.

40271_36f5bf3f19f019d378f4f44742d831c78c2b536e3. Virtua Fighter – Look ma! I’m floating! Yes, Virtua Fighter is known as the premiere floaty 3D fighting game and one may look at this list and wonder why I didn’t have Mortal Kombat II ahead of VF. Well, it’s a personal preference I suppose. I like the gameplay and controls of Virtua Fighter better and the 32X version of this title is a wonderful port, worthy of it being the flagship title when the add-on was released.

32X_Shadow_Squadron_S42. Shadow Squadron – Underrated first person 3D space shooter with large, polygon enemies and massive ships that require you to blast, blast away until they explode in spectacular fashion. Shadow Squadron may not be the deepest game in the 32X library but it might be the most viscerally enjoyable and well executed.


virtua-racing-deluxe-camera1. Virtua Racing Deluxe – I’m a simple man when it comes to racing games. Give me a car with manual transmission, one that won’t explode with the slightest of contact (ahem…..Pole Position) and a race course with just enough difficulty to make it challenging but not so difficult that I’m essentially acting as a 4-wheeled pinball bouncing off walls. How about a game with three different styles of cars to choose from, stock car, prototype and formula 1? Awesome. How about courses, 5 you say? That’s two more than the arcade version! Count me in. Virtua Racing Deluxe simply feels great too, which is a big deal when you’re driving around in 3D polygon filled environments that haven’t aged terribly well. I really enjoy this game and when it comes down to it, isn’t that the true mark of a standout title?

Honorable Mentions: Star Wars Arcade, Mortal Kombat 2, Knuckles’ Chaotix

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