Intro – What’s the Point?

Yet another retro gaming blog….yes I know but I don’t care. This blog is for me and if anyone else gleans any enjoyment out of it then that’s a bonus. So what’s the point of creating a selfishly motivated blog? I’ve been retro game collecting since the late 90’s before it was even a thing. I had no idea I was retro game collecting at the time but I would visit now defunct game stores like Funcoland to pick up games for NES dirt cheap. Games I couldn’t afford when I was a kid were selling for $1-10 and I had my first post-college job and some semblance of disposable income. Shortly after that I discovered eBay and saw how cheap I could pick up some of the other home video game consoles of my youth (Atari, Intellivision, Genesis, Turbografx, etc). My collection grew from there and the desire to add more as time went on through marriage and children has come and gone and come back again.

The purpose of this blog is to capture for posterity purposes my original recollections of the consoles and games that I own as well as provide documentation of my collection through photos and words. I already keep a spreadsheet with my collection’s contents but a spreadsheet can’t tell a story nor can it show what my games and consoles look like. I also intend to feature games of the week, consoles of the month, and offer reviews when warranted. If you stumble across my blog and want to add your two cents worth, feel free! Retro gaming is a community and I am just one of many members putting my voice out there. Welcome.

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