Game of the Week (9/4/16) – Castlevania Bloodlines

My copy of Castlevania Bloodlines

I love the Castlevania series. The original for the NES was played constantly as a kid and I got Simon’s Quest shortly after its release. I even loved that game despite its obvious flaws and change in gameplay. Castlevania 3 came out in 1990 and I was all over that as soon as I could find someone who had gotten bored with it and was willing to sell it to me for cheap. But then the 16 bit era had begun and I was lagging behind. I was in high school and I was broke. Video gaming wasn’t as integral part of these years as it was for me in Jr High. I played video games in high school but mostly as social gatherings, e.g. sports games that I could play with against my friends. I would play my NES at home by myself when I had an opportunity but as I mentioned in my last post, I never owned a Genesis as kid or teen.

So when it was time to revisit the consoles and games that were popular in my youth but I was too broke to actually own at that time, the Genesis was an obvious early choice. Their popularity meant I could find consoles and games for cheap at just about any pawn shop or used video game store. I honestly don’t recall exactly when I chose to add this game to my collection but I would have to guess sometime in the early to mid 2000’s. I wasn’t really aware of its existence at the time it was released in 1994. By then I was in college and video games were not high on my priority list. I probably saw a copy at a used video game store and thought to myself, “Castlevania on the Genesis? That’s odd….wonder if it’s any good.” The answer is yes it is. I really enjoy this game and it’s a stellar addition to the franchise. Great gameplay, graphics and high on the fun factor. Not the best in the franchise but far from the worst. I haven’t beaten it as of this post but I’m working towards that goal while playing it this week.

Rating: A-

Currently in my collection: Cartridge only

Wish list add: Box and manual

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