Console of the Month (Sept 2016) – Sega Genesis 

I wanted to kick off my blog with a very popular console from the 4th generation, the Sega Genesis. I never actually owned a Genesis during its original life span but I had several friends that did so I was able to enjoy the 16 bit goodness before I owned a SNES and then eventually a Genesis myself. Admittedly, my knowledge of the Genesis and its games at the height of its popularity pretty much began and ended with Sonic. I was a Nintendo kid, what can I say? I did play Tecmo Super Bowl and NHL ’94 but I had no idea of the vastness and high quality of games that existed on the console until after I bought a model 2 at a pawn shop for about $20 in 1999-2000 time frame.

I’ll be spending much of the month of Sept going through my current Genesis collection, what I’ve recently added and what I am still on the hunt for. I also plan to highlight some of my favorite games for the console that I own and have spent time with. SEGA!

Console box from my collection

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