Game of the Week (9/18/16) – Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master

My Genesis game of the week comes from a relatively recent pick-up, Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master. Shinobi 3 is a sequel to Revenge of Shinobi for the Genesis and is the third Shinobi game published by Sega following the original Shinobi for the Sega Master System.

This title has been on my wish list along with Revenge of Shinobi for awhile as it is considered one of the better side scrolling action platformers for the system. I was able to find a loose copy at a local used video game store so I didn’t hesitate to add it to my collection. I typically try to only get complete copies of the most sought after Genesis titles but sometimes you can’t beat just being able to run down to a store and grabbing a used copy of a game you’ve been wanting to play and immediately taking it home.

In the short period I’ve had Shinobi 3 in my collection, I’ve played it a handful of times and have made it to the 3rd level. I fully expect to get further along and hope to be able to beat it at some point although I’m still working through my GotW from 9/4/16, Castlevania Bloodlines. I’m just happy to now own a copy and will work on adding the 2nd installment, Revenge of Shinobi to my collection next.

Rating: A

Currently in my collection: Cartridge only

Wish list add:

  • Box and manual for Shinobi 3
  • Revenge of Shinobi
My loose copy. A clamshell case and manual would sure look nice.


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