Expensive Games – Gunstar Heroes & Splatterhouse 2

The two most expensive games in my Genesis collection are Gunstar Heroes and Splatterhouse 2. Both are worth a decent amount of money loose but the main reason they hold the #2 (Gunstar Heroes) and #1 (Splatterhouse 2) spots in terms of monetary worth is because I have complete (game, case, manual) copies of each. But are the games fun? There are games worth a lot of money because they are rare or variants and there are games that are worth a lot of money because they are considered some of the best titles for the console and highly sought after. I believe these two titles are worth as much as they are because they are relatively rare plus highly collectible due to their appealing gameplay.

Gunstar Heroes is a fast paced run and gun shooter (Contra style for NES fans) with great gameplay, multiple weapons and large, interesting boss battles. This game is a blast, pun intended, and in my opinion is worth the money for a loose copy. Even though its a later release Genesis title (1993), it still comes complete with the clam shell style case instead of a cardboard box like many later release Genesis titles came with.

Splatterhouse 2 is a beat ’em up horror title and sequel to the popular Turbografx-16 original. You’re a man in a Jason Voorhees-like hockey mask killing various monsters to save your girl. Blood, gore and grotesque end level bosses are the trademarks of this franchise and the gameplay is largely unchanged here from the original. I am a big fan of the original so picking up this sequel was a no-brainer for me. It wasn’t a cheap game when I purchased it about 10 years ago but has gone up significantly in value since then. As expensive as this title is now, I would not consider buying it in 2016 so I’m thankful I got it early as it is a very fun entry in the series.

Games in my collection:

  • Gunstar Heroes – A
  • Splatterhouse 2 – A-

Wish list add:

  • Splatterhouse 3


I love having complete Genesis games. I love having complete games, period.
Love the cover art of this game and the blue background.


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