Additional Complete Titles – Boogerman, Demolition Man, Desert Strike

All three of the titles covered in this post are fairly recent pick-ups and all were part of larger bundled purchases. I didn’t know much about them prior to being added to my collection so I had no expectations. It was with some relief to know that all three games have their moments of enjoyment and make excellent additions in their complete forms to my collection.

Games in my collection:

  • Boogerman – B- An action platformer where you play as the superhero Boogerman who uses burps, farts and of course, boogers, to dispatch his enemies while attempting to save the world from pollution. Fun game but overall not super memorable outside of the quirks already mentioned. Relatively rare as a late Genesis release in 1994 and fairly collectible as complete.
  • Demolition Man – B Game based on the film is a face paced ction shooter platformer with some fun elements. Haven’t spend too much time mastering this game and it is pretty tough. It took me several tries to get past the first level and generally I’m pretty adept at action platformers so I’m thinking this game is really high on the difficulty level. Another later release in 1995, the collectability is similar to Boogerman as complete.
  • Desert Strike – B+ Gulf war inspired shoot ’em up where you man an Apache helicopter. This is my favorite of the bunch and it was a commercial success during it’s initial release back in 1992. As a result of its commercial success, its a fairly common title and the least rare of the three in its full complete form.

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