32X Racing Games – Motocross Championship & Virtua Racing Deluxe

On the surface, Motocross Championship & Virtua Racing Deluxe are both racing titles for the 32X but that’s where the similarities end. Virtua Racing Deluxe is the beefed up version of the Genesis’s Virtua Racing. I never played the arcade version of V.R. but allegedly, the 32X “Deluxe” version comes the closest to mirroring it’s gameplay and graphics. The 3D-polygonal graphics don’t hold up quite as well 20+ years after it’s release, but at the time, it was revolutionary. The game still looks good in my opinion and still plays very well, which is way more important than appearance. I’ve never been great at racing games but can hold my own generally speaking. Virtua Racing Deluxe makes me want to keep at it to improve my times and that’s the mark of a standout game, repeatability.

Motocross Championship on the other hand, is God-awful from start to finish. Graphically, the game is pixelated beyond what should be expected of a 32-bit game. More importantly, the gameplay mechanics and game itself is a dud. Attempting to get out of the mass of wrecked motorbikes after the starting gun should be your first indicator that something is amiss. So many flaws to begin naming here and the bottom line is that’s its not a fun game to play, ever. I only own Motocross Championship because it was also a very common title and game with my 32x bundle. If this game holds any collectability at all it’s because of it’s status of being a turd. Not a highlight for the 32X and should be avoided unless you are a completist.

Currently in my collection:

  • Motocross Championship – game & manual. D-
  • Virtua Racing Deluxe – game, manual & box. A-
32X black & white manuals are not the most appealing.


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