Game of the Week (10/9/16) – Star Wars Arcade

For this week’s GotW I’m switching gears and playing a 32X title. Admittedly, my 32X library is lacking at only 9 games. I know I’m still missing some key titles for this console but I do happen to own a few of the more popular games and Star Wars is one of them. Star Wars Arcade is either a first or third person (depending on your preference during game setup) space shooter that was originally released for the arcades in the early 90’s and ported to the 32X as a launch title in 1994. One of the more commonly found games for the 32X, my complete copy came with the 32X bundle that I purchased off ebay many years ago.

Star Wars Arcade relies heavily on polygonal graphics similar to Star Fox for the SNES. You control a X-wing fighter and blast at enemies in various missions in outer space. The game looks good, sounds good and while the gameplay can be a little repetitive, it’s still fun maneuvering around and blasting at enemy ships. Star Wars Arcade was a solid launch title for the 32X and for a library of games that is sorely lacking in quality titles, this is certainly one of the must owns if you have a 32X. A complete copy won’t set you back much either due to its ubiquity.

Rating: B+

Currently in my collection: Cartridge, manual & box

“Wipe out enemy fighters.”


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