Sega Game Gear Titles – Columns, The Lion King, Mortal Kombat 2, Ms. Pac Man, Primal Rage, Sonic Labyrinth, Talespin, World Series Baseball

This post will be used to highlight the rest of my current collection of Game Gear games and offer my thoughts on them.

Columns – Solid gem stacking, Tetris-like puzzler for the Game Gear that utilizes colors in the way that Tetris did not. Meant to be that addictive title that would sell millions of Game Gears but never quite was. Still a fun game and easily one of the best for the system. B+

The Lion King – Generic platformer staring Simba as a cub from the movie. Lots of jumping from rock to rock and eating insects, interacting with other animals and fighting bad guys right out of the film. Game is solid if unmemorable. B-

Mortal Kombat 2 – Not being a huge MK fan and since I get bored with fighting games easily, you can expect a full grade higher if you actually like the Mortal Kombat series. For what this title offers on a portable system, you really can’t go wrong. B

Ms. Pac Man – Nice port of the classic arcade game but suffers from a slow moving Ms. Pac Man and having to move the gameplay screen up and down due to the small size of the GG screen. You learn to deal with it and eventually get used to it but the mazes aren’t identical to the arcade so it just feels like another Ms. Pac Man clone instead of the real thing. B

Primal Rage – Another fighting game with dinosaurs/apes instead of humans. Don’t really care for this title on consoles or on GG. C-

Talespin – Platformer starring characters from Disney’s popular early 90’s TV show. The gameplay is standard but the hit detection feels kind of broken at first. Took me awhile to figure out what I was supposed to do (I don’t own the manual) and the small sprites make it hard to determine if you’re doing damage to the enemies. Can’t really recommend this game but it’s not awful. C+

World Series Baseball – Admirable attempt at putting a full MLB licenses baseball game on the Game Gear. Fast and furious gameplay which can be jarring until you get used to it. Perfect for pick up and play in short bursts, you can also save your progress when attempting to complete an entire season with your favorite team or you can link up with a friend for 1 on 1 play. Impressive sports title for the Game Gear. A-


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