Myst for the Jaguar CD

Myst is a graphic adventure game for the Jaguar CD originally released for Macintosh computers in 1993 then on the Jaguar CD in 1995. You take on the role of the Stranger who is sent to the island of Myst via a magical book of the same name. You aren’t given any backstory beyond what’s in the manual and what the opening title sequence tells you so your objective is murky at best. There are no monsters or enemies to kill or worry about killing you which is nice considering you have no weapons. You just have to explore and solve puzzles and explore some more and solve more puzzles and eventually get sent to other worlds or “ages” through additional magic books you find on the island. In these other ages you’ll meet new characters you can interact with and they provide you with some semblance of a goal. Finding additional books & whatever missing pages there are is critical to the completion of the game. Some are readily available in the Myst island library while others are well hidden and require puzzle solving to obtain. Additionally, the ending of Myst will vary depending on your in game actions, which always adds an interesting twist.

Myst is the only non-pack in game for the Jaguar CD that I currently own. Unfortunately, I never really got into Myst when it was wildly popular in the 90s. Myst was ported to various home consoles and computers and I remember hearing and reading about it quite a bit. Since I did not own a computer (or a Jaguar or 3DO for that matter) while in college, which is the time frame that this game was at its peak popularity, the game passed me by. Myst’s gameplay didn’t exactly appeal to me either with its point and click, first person perspective. I have never played a point and click graphic adventure from start to finish largely because I lose interest and Myst hasn’t broken that streak. There’s probably a well thought out and programmed game here but I haven’t spent enough time with Myst to find that out.

Currently in my collection: game, manual, CD case, box, tip book and 2 blank Myst journals


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