Point & Click – AD&D Eye of the Beholder and Rise of the Dragon

The Sega CD’s library had its fair share of point and click adventures. Some more in the style of an RPG and others more in the graphical adventure style. These two games in my collection cover both sides of the point and click coin.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons – Eye of the Beholder is a first person point and click RPG that was released in 1994. Released for various computers in the early 90’s prior to being ported to the Sega CD, Eye of the Beholder allows you to maneuver a team of 4 characters through dungeons in an attempt to thwart the evil beholder from taking over the city from underneath. The amount of strategy needed to master this game has a large learning curve. I only recently picked this game up so I haven’t had much time figuring out the nuances. My first impressions are that Eye of the Beholder is a decent looking, nice sounding Sega CD title with a lot of replay value.

Rise of the Dragon is a graphical point and click adventure where you control the main protagonist, a former LA police office turned P.I. in the not too distant future. A dark and gloomy dystopian environment awaits you as you investigate the death of the Mayor’s daughter, designer drugs and Chinese mafia. You spend quite a bit of time solving puzzles and manipulating your environment in order to advance. Cut scenes tell the story as you move your way through the game and these look pretty good considering the age of the format.

I actually bought Rise of the Dragon and Eye of the Beholder around the same time this past summer at a nearby used video game store. Both games look promising and the little amount of time I’ve spent with them doesn’t do them justice as my time was mostly spent attempting to understand the gameplay mechanics and figuring out what I needed to do in order to advance even just a little bit through the games. I also think both games will eventually reward my patience and become two of my favorites for my Sega CD.

Currently in my collection:

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Eye of the Beholder – game, manual and case

Rise of the Dragon – game, manual & case

Your character’s name in RotD is William “Blade” Hunter. For fuck’s sake.


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